The Dirty D

I am now in a phase, where I either go off to sleep very happily, thinking of all the buttery cookies and the ghee-doused biriyani I gorged on during the day, or very sadly, cursing myself for over-eating again.
In my guilt-ridden nights, I tell myself that it’s time I ‘diet’. Well no, not a balanced diet, but a diet where people choose looking for over food.
Well I don’t have much of an experience with that sort of dieting, and this write-up is not on how crash diets are unhealthy/ unsustainable/ foolish, whatever!
My logic is simple. (And please, before you mentally lecture me on how eating healthy is not equal to starving, it is ‘my’ logic.) It is:
Eat more = Gain weight
Eat less = Lose weight.
So back in 2011, I was desperate to lose some weight before my sister’s wedding and I finally resolved to do ‘it’! After days of research, I zeroed in on the GM diet.
Day 1: The first day started well. I could have fruits, any sort, and as many as I wanted. I survived on a guava, a cucumber and an apple.
Day 2: I was allowed vegetables, again any kind and as many, but this was a little tricky. I am not a picky eater, but vegetables for me is an accompaniment and not an independent food. I managed to cool down my stomach with bags of peas and corn, only to realize that corn is not really a veggie but a cereal.
Day 3: It was a day of fruits and vegetables. I had a bag of tomato flavored potato chips, telling myself that both of them are individually allowed, so they should be allowed together too 🙂
Day 4: Now this day scared me, as I was allowed to have milk and bananas- and I don’t eat bananas. I had a glass of milk and went to office for my internship and tried not to think about food. During lunch time, my friend literally dragged me to the canteen. That’s where he got his buttery toast and ‘ghoogni’ and sweet milk teas, and started eating right in front of me. Now this was the point where I broke, and ordered the same food too, minus the butter and the tea.
Day 5, 6 and 7: The last three days were smooth as silk, really! I didn’t even feel like cheating as I could eat a lot of what I call proper, cooked FOOD.
But yes any form of socializing was off limits, as meeting people invariably involves eating.
Now on the morning of the 8th day, I stepped onto the weighing scales with loads of apprehensions and expectations in equal amounts. Aaaaand, it showed 4 kilos less than what was 7 days before!
And oh, boy! Happy will be an understatement. I was going mad with joy!

Then came my sister’s wedding, and a week long food fest it was. Of course I binged like a famished whale and gained back not just those 4 kilos, but a few more in the month but yes it was a good good experience.

(By her own confession, Devpurna is the forever hungry Bong lady. Might just be the easiest female to understand – “give me food, and I will be happy!”
Her other Blogs include Blong….Shong )


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    Nice article 🙂 I love ur writing style


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      Thank you!


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