The Hurdles in the Life of a Foodie

I worship Food. But the path to attain Food-Moksha is ridden with obstacles, though most would think of it to be a cake-walk. But as they say, when there’s a will, there definitely will be a way. So I have learnt to circumvent the little bumps in my own little ways.
Tempting !

The first and undoubtedly the most tragic among the challenges of any foodie is that food costs money. All through my student life, I had to meticulously plan my finances to pay for the food I wanted to eat. Though I had a decent pocket-money, it was not enough to eat out every evening.
Food Fund: Many would find it funny, but i actually had a piggy bank which funded so many of my food memories during my broke days. I started giving tuitions since the very beginning of college, and very obviously, a good chunk of the money from it, went to my food fund. Later I got other small yet regular sources of money, like writing projects or giving workshops too.
Food Partner: My friend Debjit, who shares a similar bond with food, has been my foodie partner for the last decade. So we always shared food and the cost. This allowed us both to taste more food, for less money. Well, the sharing got difficult at times, when one piece of pork-rib was clearly bigger than the other, or when the potato mash was too tempting to keep the honesty of the person dividing it, intact. But we still found this to be a very convenient choice.
Coupons/Deals: They are total life-savers for hungries on a budget, specially for students, as most of these apply to weekday office hours. And if there’s something which is completely true to its name, it is ‘Happy Hours’; it surely makes me super-happy! I remember going to a place at 3.30 pm where the happy hours started from 4, and though it was a test of patience, I actually waited till 4 to avail it.
Burnt Orange Cake with ice cream
Burnt Orange Cake with ice cream

#We fall into the trap of Favourites and don’t explore enough:
Planning Ahead: At the beginning of each month I would divide the 30 days into 1 all-you-can-eat lunch buffet, 1 fancy dinner and 4 mid-budget restaurants, out of which at least 2 had to be new places, where I haven’t eaten before. Apart from these, the other days would be about cheap momo joints and street food.
The Food Group: We all have our very own favourite joints, where the servers know where exactly we would want to sit, and what exactly we would order. But this often hinders our food expeditions. Whether its a gang of friends, a few chosen family members, or a random local group on facebook maybe, seeing other people eating new things, discussing about food, sharing pictures and reviews amply fuel the urge to go out of our comfort zones of the favourite cafe, or the favourite dish and push us to explore new food dimensions.

#Modulating Home Food:

This is one of the most seemingly easy tasks. But don’t be fooled, the deep-rooted habits and patterns of eating in our very own homes are very very difficult to bend. The okra fry (bhindi bhaja) in my house used to be softer than the way I like, the prawns a little over-fried and the poppy-paste (posto-baata) not hot enough. So I started going to the market myself, getting meats, vegetables and groceries of my liking. This saved the efforts of my parents and hence they started paying attention to my suggestions. When asked what I wanted for Pujo, or for Birthday, I asked for super-cool knife-sets, or baking accessories, or a food processor and the likes, many a times.

Not just that, when I saw there’s no way I can manipulate the home food to be exactly of my liking, I did the obvious – to go into the kitchen and cook it myself.

#Getting Over-Weight:

We can love being fat, we can hate being fat, but we can definitely not ignore being fat. Though I had always been a podgy kid, I used to take pride in the fact that I was very fit and flexible. I was very active as a kid and have always been a dancer, and ever since I was allowed to go out of home alone, I have been a serious walker. And while I might not be the poster girl for being healthy, everyone who loves to eat must have some sort of an activity regime. For the love of food, we must!
Wasabi and Coconut Ice Creams
Wasabi and Coconut Ice Creams


(Devpurna in her own words, is ” The forever hungry Bong lady. Might just be the easiest female to understand – give me food, and I will be happy!”
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  1. Etosha says:

    Beautifully written..


    1. Devpurna Talapatra says:

      Eee! Thank you thank you!


  2. Pallabi says:

    Lovely! Its was such a joy reading it. Keep it up! Keep relishing more-n-more delicacy & keep on penning down your experiences! 😊


    1. Devpurna Talapatra says:

      Thank you! Feels so so good to know that people find sense in my thoughts 🙂

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  3. Spandan Kar says:

    Yeh Dill maange more…..Enjoyed reading..
    p.s. – you should try the pork ribs @Imbiss Meating Joint , Mumbai.. superbbb taste..


    1. Devpurna Talapatra says:

      Guess what? I have tasted it…. Just ekghor chhilo byapar ta!


  4. Anonymous says:

    ei lekha ta khub khub bhalo hoyeche…the literary feat aside,i actually ended up having quite a few constructive ideas..


  5. Anonymous says:

    This is “Lowe”ly


  6. i love the write up!
    keep writing!

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    1. Devpurna Talapatra says:



  7. Loved this post! 🙂
    Very, very true.
    Such obstacle-ridden our paths are to food. 🙂

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