Kasturi, New Market

I can never have enough of Kasturi. Simple yet delicious bengali good, cooked the Dhakai way, is what it serves. It may not be one of the posh places with a designer menu, but here the food speaks for itself and the ambiance too is very comforting, in a way.

Generally they don’t hand you a menu card. First comes in a plate full of rice but let me caution you on this, do not expect the best quality, fragrant, long grained rice. Then the waiter comes with a tray full of food and one can pick out anything that they fancy, from there. So basically one doesn’t have to wait for the food at all, it’s always ready to be served.

Among their starters, the chicken bhorta and kochu pata chingri bhapa are to die for. For mains, I think it’s best to steer away from polaos or meats even, and just indulge in the variety of fish items that they specialize in with good old sada bhaat (plain steamed rice). Be it the shorshe ilish (Hilsa in mustard gravy), or the bhetki paturi (Bhetki with coconut-mustard paste, cooked in a banana leaf parcel) the chingri malaikari (Prawns in coconut-kernel curry) or the pabdar jhol (Pabda in a light gravy with coriander), with every single morsel, one will get a bite of heaven. And yes, just don’t dare to miss their chitol muithha.

Finally, their chaatni (fruits and nuts in sugar syrup, to be had separately at the end of a meal, with/without papad, is what is meant by Chaatni in the bengali vocabulary and is not to be confused wit its non-bong cousin, the Chutney) and payesh provide the perfect sweet endings.

However, its not the best place for the health conscious ones as the food is very spicy and has a ladle full of fresh zingy mustard oil poured on top of almot everything. Also if you are not an ardent lover of fish, give this place a miss.

So to sum it up, if it is good bengali food (bangal food more specifically) that you are looking for, this is THE place to visit. It beats its snazzier and pricier competitors hands down.




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Devpurna, in her own words is “The forever hungry Bong lady. Might just be the easiest female to understand – give me food, and I will be happy!”
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