Pan Asian, ITC Sonar, Kolkata

Now this review is certainly long overdue. We visited this place for my sister’s anniversary dinner. The menu came in parts and was a little confusing and the service was painstakingly slow. But while we were waiting for our food to arrive, we could see the Japanese chef juggling his knives, eggs and coins and catching them in his pocket and hat, and yes, rustling up drool-worthy dishes while doing all that.

But then our order got messed up. We were served salmon sashimi instead of the sashimi platter, and it took them quite a while to replace it. But when it finally did arrive, we didn’t mind the wait anymore. The perfect cuts of seafood showcased the inherent flavour of each splendidly.


Then the Peking duck and the glass noodles came in. The server gave us a detailed insight into the method of cooking the duck. Both the dishes transported us to a different plane altogether.


However the desserts disappointed us. The menu mentioned a wasabi dessert to be their signature dish but the server wasn’t sure if it was sweet or savoury. Then he confirmed that it was indeed a dessert but they were out of it. So we settled for ramboutans. Despite the fancy description, it turned out to be just the ramboutans in a mildly fragrant water, with fumes coming out of the bowl below.

But yes, they gave us a mousse cake which we had there itself. And then they gave us another one to take back home. Now that was really sweet of them, enough to overlook the mix-ups, delays and non-availability.


Pan Asian - ITC Sonar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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