Rubi’s Big Burger Challenge

It was showdown time at Rubi’s Grill, Dover Lane, which happens to be a favourite American diner of mine, with 6 finalists of Rubi’s Big Burger Challenge competing to bag the shiny Champion’s plaque. These six young guns had already gone through a qualifying round, which started with 22 brave-hearts, and also a semi-final.

I have grown up watching Man vs Food, and have forever wanted something like this in my city. The task was to finish off a mighty burger with a whopping chicken patty of 500 grams. The burger itself, along with the fries, weighed around a kilo, and is aptly called the Challenger Burger.

The contestants were from various fields, but were brought together by their appetite. Suvendra Seal and Debayan Purkayastha are doing their B.Com. and C.S., while Deepraj Das and Debopam Purkayastha are both students at IIEST, Shibpur. The other two were Anubhab Dasgupta, a mean lawyer working for ITC Ltd. and Rahul Nath, a newly minted doctor.


The calm and composed Debayan was the true underdog, and polished off the plate in 8 minutes 57 seconds, while the grunting, thumping, jumping Rahul came a close second at 9 minutes 2 seconds. The rest too weren’t far off.

The Winner, Debayan, getting his trophy !

For people who think they too can take up the challenge, there’s good news. The Challenger Burger is on the menu of Rubi’s Grill and if one can finish it within 15 minutes, it’s on the house!


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