Raj Spanish Cafe- Sudden joy at Sudder Street

I first went to this place on a lazy rainy afternoon, when the entire place was empty. The tables, arranged in a neat straight line, have a corresponding charging point, and that is something I really liked because I am a person whose phone/laptop is perennially out of charge. Each table has a tray packed with salt-pepper shakers, olive oil, Tabasco sauce and mustard sauce.

Now the menu is pretty large but as i flipped through it, I mostly came across salads with fancy names but not that fancy ingredients. The menu had names written in Spanish and Italian and weren’t really described well for us to understand. We ordered two savouries (don’t ask me the names) and a honey pancake.

The first one was basically 6 boiled egg-halves filled with a tuna-mayo filling. I really liked it, and more so because it was priced just at Rs. 60/-. Then the next dish had meatballs in a vegetable stew/gravy with a generous helping of french fries and a piece of bread. The meat balls were crunchy on the outside and though the individual components did not taste anything extraordinary in themselves, eaten together they were pretty impressive. Then came the pancake. It was big for sure but not as fluffy as i would have liked it to be. But one mouthful of it was enough for me as the honey drizzled on top of it didn’t taste too good.

Though the first visit wasn’t one I loved, me being a regular visitor of New Market, visited this place many times again over the years. And now I have discovered what I should order here. Their read and pizza after a long shopping session is what has become a routine now.

The place is thronged by students and travellers and the graphiti messages all over their wall from people all over the world is really interesting. In fact this is a place where you can interact with a good mix of people, and the owner himself is a friendly man too.

Note: Theirs is one of my favourite pizzas in Kolkata.

Fungi Pizza
Pancakes with chocolate sauce
Ginger Honey Tea
There burgers are also a must try



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