A Sweet Sunday Surprise: Cremecup.in

When Cremecup.in delivered a complimentary cake to my home on a Sunday evening, the weekend definitely turned much sweeter!

They are an online bakery, offering a wide range of delicious sounding munchkins. So they are new in town, and it might be a good news to many that they are completely vegetarian. Their cheesecake menu looked specially promising.

They sent over a Chocolate Truffle Cake for me and even before I tasted it, I was impressed by their smart packaging. The sturdy, corrugated box, complete with dry ice inside, ensured that the frosting didn’t melt. And this is essential for any dessert delivery, I believe.

Cremecup.in has an interesting and user-friendly website, with ample pictures to tempt and also to give one a very clear picture as to what to expect.

The cake itself was outrightly chocolatey, and looked delectable with the slight hint of golden shimmer on the pure chocolate leaves. The sponge was very moist, and wasn’t a melty mess, even in this heat. Taste-wise, I will say, it was pretty good but could have done with a pinch of salt, literally.

Orders here need to be placed 5-6 hours in advance, and the goodies delivered will be freshly baked on order. Now that certainly does give them extra brownie points!

Will definitely want to try out their cheesecakes and tarts, soon!


Innovative packaging with dry ice on the sides


Cremecup.in Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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