Lokaahar: Joys of Simplicity

In the mood for some ‘ghorowa bangali khabar‘? Then Lokaahar is the new place to check out. But don’t get me wrong, it won’t serve you the mundane things which comprise regular meals in most Bangali households. It takes the simplest of ingredients and elevates them to a much higher level.

Mr. Ghotok, the man at the helm of the place, procures the fresh ingredients himself. He gave us fritters of three seasonal flowers, kumro-phool, bok-phool and sojne-phool, which were the perfect accompaniment with the daal. The shukto was brilliant, with the thinly sliced vegetables cooked perfectly yet retaining their shape and not turning into a disgraceful dollop. But sadly, it didn’t have ‘bori’ in it to add a change of texture.
The alur dom was pretty good, but was surpassed by the echorer dalna. The Polao again was fantastic, with each grain beautifully coated and wasn’t lumpy at all. The chicken was cooked decently well too but lacked punch. In their thaalis, one has the option to choose either chicken or mutton or fish.

The meal ended with ‘kool er chaatni’ and payesh. I am not a big fan of chaatnis but this one was lot of the world, seriously!
Oh, and the rose lassi was pretty refreshing too.

So that was one old-fashioned and beautiful meal I had last week, on a special invitation to Team Panchphoron. Would definitely be going back to this place. Specially, with my parents, and I am sure they would be delighted to find some of the forgotten recipes on offer here.




Polao, Alur Dum and Chicken
Rose Lassi


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  1. Pawan Jaiswal says:

    Good One


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