The Legacy Grill, The Great Eastern: Continuing the Legacy of Elegance

The erstwhile Great Eastern symbolized class and pomp since the time it opened in 1840-41 in Calcutta. Its numerous mentions in books, movies and memoirs testify its presence and importance in those days. When it reopened its doors once again in 2013, the one question which raised unanimously was if it will be able to match its past glory. Well, I do not have first hand experience of its previous hospitality, but my experiences at their Bakery and the Al Fresco, had both been very fulfilling. So when I went to the Legacy Grill with a friend for a weekend dinner, my expectations weren’t too basic from this place.

As we entered the warm-hued Legacy Grill, where the tables were well spread out and the seating was very comfortable indeed, I was impressed by the teal and turquoise pops. The place had a very soothing aura it, and the earthly tones of the decor were complemented perfectly by the doors decorations.



The bread basket was full of warm, soft, fresh baked and kept us happily busy, till the appetizers were ready. Our first course consisted of Chicken Wings and Panko Crusted Fried Goat Cheese. The former had an interesting mix of flavours, and the meat was juicy. The latter, with blobs of creamy feta, encased in a crunchy, golden coat, sitting on a bed of greens and cherry tomatoes in a light dressing, was brilliant. In fact, this was my favourite bit of the entire meal. I was initially not too sure whether to order a vegetarian dish at all or not, but my love for fried cheese proved to be a good thing, and I am so happy that I did finally order it.



The main course was Tenderloin Steak and Smoked Salmon. The steak, medium rare, had the perfect even searing on the sides, and an enticing pink inside, and my friend fell in love with the plate instantly. My order of the smoked salmon too impressed me suitably. The fillet of fish was generously portioned and the flesh was perfectly flaky and flavourful.

Tenderloin Steak
Smoked Salmon

The only complaint that I have about the mains is that, the vegetables accompanying the meat could have been a bit more interesting. The fondant potatoes weren’t velvety and lacked seasoning. The mediocrity of the accompaniments somehow held the the mains back from being the stellar dishes that they could have been. However, to be fair, the steak and the fish in themselves were amazing.

Then came time for desserts. The Vanilla Panna Cotta looked spectacular, and came in two tiers, separated by a paper thin sheet of tempered chocolate. The caramelized banana, and the assortment of fruits added bursts of texture and flavours to the cooked cream. However, the texture of the Panacotta was a little icy at places, and that must be looked into.
The other dessert was thick, warm and chocolatey and thus an instant happiness inducer. And a perfect end to a lovely meal.


The servers were genial and attentive. Our glasses never went empty yet none were lurking around constantly. Mr. Saurav Mitra, F&B Executive, was a wonderful host and took care of us personally. In all, it was a genuinely satisfying dinner and certainly made me happy.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    U wrote it so well ….


  2. shashwatluthra says:

    You seem like a serious foodaholic


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