A Happy Me at the M Bar Kitchen:

One of the relatively new entrants in the Park Street food scene is the M Bar Kitchen. Notably, it is one of those places in the city which boast of serving food with Molecular Gastronomy tricks for the visual delight. Located well inside the Magma House, this place can be pretty tricky to locate, in spite of the signboard to guide one. But a major perk is that it has parking space inside the premises.



We went there on a weekday night when it was fairly empty. The place with a soothing blue lighting, has a bar area facing the DJ console, a section with high stools and another for a conventional sit down dining. We chose to sit at the tables with the high stools, and contrary to how they looked, they were comfortable indeed.


The bar was very well-stocked indeed, and the cocktails were really well made. It’s a pity I cannot recall the names of the cocktails I sampled here, but can definitely vouch for the bartender here to be a really good one. The first dish in was the Cheese and Watermelon Sliders. It was a play of hot and cold components and tasted as good as they looked. The warm, creamy cheese sandwiched between bite sized rounds of the cooling red fruit, was a sheer joy to eat.


The Chicken Olivetti exceeded my expectations by a considerable margin. The chicken tenders stuffed with olives, baked perfectly till a point where it was still juicy, was coated with a creamy tomato sauce and was a delight for my taste-buds.


 The Griddled Basa with Anchovy Butter was the essential fish dish for the meal, without which my dinner would have felt incomplete. Well, its hard to get anything with fish and butter with it wrong, so this too pleased me amply.

For mains we ordered the Jerk Chicken with Coconut Rice and the Chicken Pasta. The pasta was pretty much what we expected it to be, but the show stealer was the jerk chicken. Anything with coconut has very high chances of impressing me, and the coconut rice certainly did. Moreover, the coconut rice, complemented the Caribbean spiced grilled  chicken perfectly. The accompanying pepper sauce and the lightly grilled vegetables added textures and variety to every bite of it.


However, two things which disappointed me a tad bit were that the Chocolate Wine Granita, which could have been an interesting dessert, was unavailable. Also, the WiFi wasn’t working. But in all, M Bar Kitchen did not disappoint me in the least bit. In fact, I plan to go back there soon and try out a lot more things on their menu, which has been very interestingly designed.



M Bar Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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  1. Hi, Devpurna – a nice post.
    Well, I can guess you had a nice evening there in the restaurant except for the fact no WiFi issue which is quite common at park street…hahaha
    well I like your blog name it’s interesting – innovative.

    I’ve sent you req. on FB if you think am safe in your circle do add me there…
    take care.
    Oh, yes if you find time do check my blog too(I’ve recently reviewed some restaurants too), thanks my new friend.

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