An Uber-Cool Friday:

A page from my Diary, dated 15th July, 2016:

8am: The alarm has been snoozed enough and I need to get going for the day, but something doesn’t feel right. My right eye is twitching, and it’s nowhere near mild. The skies are grey, and getting transport till office will certainly be a pain, I tell myself.

9am: Dressed in my office clothes, I am sipping on my cup of morning tea, still thinking if I should go to office or not. The weather is gloomy and depressing. Ughhh!

10am: Not going to office was a bad idea maybe. Weekday afternoons at home feel so weird now! Can’t even make plans with this eye infection…

11am: I should make some use of this not-so-bright day, and pick-up a few clothes from my tailor. Can’t waddle through the drenched streets scurrying for a cab, let’s book an Uber. Wait, my options are Uber-Pool, UberGO, UberX and UBER ICE-CREAM??? Did I see that correctly? Double checking isn’t helping, I still see it. Let’s do this then!


11.10am: The Uber is at my door. I check the car number, open the door and seat myself in, making random to-do lists in my mind, when I am greeted by the Driver with a smile and a bag. I open the bag and peep-in. And, TA-DAAAA! Four chunky, tempting Magnum Ice-creams are sitting on my lap, about to be devoured, one by one!


My lazy, grey day is suddenly Chocolatey and lovely! As I was doing a happy jig, holding the umbrella and ice-cream in one hand, my bag and phone in another, I also managed to take a few selfies. Now that’s some serious multi-tasking.

There’s nothing new to say about the Magnums. The Chocolate Truffle ones which I got were undoubtedly one of the best frozen chocolate desserts to have ever entered my mouth. They not only made me just bite, chomp and gulp, but also to lick, slurp and roll!


Uber deserves a big hug for the pleasant surprise. It made my Friday an Uber-Cool one indeed!

P.S. Team Thinkquisitive, you surely made my day a great one!


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  1. This is sweet 🙂 Thnx for the updated

    Regards ,
    a random reader & proper foody
    will chck the space 4 sure 🙂
    Devpurna !

    Liked by 1 person

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