Calcutta Continental at Silver Platter:

When I got an invitation from the Management of Silver Platter, a newly opened Continental joint in Kasba, Kolkata, I knew the dinner would be an interesting one. This was primarily because Kolkatans have been spoilt by Park Street and it is indeed very difficult to match up with to the standard already set in the city of Peter Cat and Mocambo.

On the Saturday evening when I went to this place, I was happy to see that being located beside the main road, this place was very easy to locate. Though the space is small, the decor is soothing and the aquarium on the side brought an unique touch to the place.

I sipped on some mocktails ordered by my friends, which were pretty good but I am not a mocktail person. Of the starters, I particularly liked two. One being the  Semolina Crusted Calamari and the other being the Bacon Wrapped Prawn. The thinly sliced squid, fried and crisped up with a semolina coating, served with a lemon mayo was an instant hit on the table. And well, any dish with bacon and prawn together in its name, is hard to go wrong with.


Suitably impressed by the starters, I knew that the main course had to be really good to match up to the first half of the meal. The first main course was the Grilled Chicken Breast, cooked in a creamy mushroom sauce, served with mashed potato, sauteed vegetables and garlic bread. his was a pretty likeable dish, but if I had to be critical I would say that the meat was just a touch over-done.

Next was the Minced Lamb Ragu, inspired by the classic Sicilian combination of lamb, dry mint and chilli flakes and was served with a herb-butter rice, and salad. This was a true beauty and I couldn’t help but go back for one spoonful after another. Then came the Chelo Kebab, but very honestly, I am biased about this particular signature of Peter Cat, and like the numerous versions of it that I have had at other places, this one failed to impress me. Finally, there was the Grilled Pork Chop with a BBQ glaze, again served with a mash, salad and garlic bread. I am a sucker for fatty, juicy pork and this one was a superb rendition of a much-famed classic. I really liked the fact that all the accompaniments with the mains were very good in themselves, be it the creamy, smooth potato mash or the crispy, buttery garlic bread.

Well, after all these, I could hardly move but still managed to have a bite of both of the desserts. The Brownie with Ice-cream, though predictable, was decent, with the brownie being fudgy in the middle. I generally do not like the combination of fruits and ice-cream, but the fruit fantasy was a pleasant surprise. The watermelon cubes tossed in honey, with a scoop of luscious vanilla ice-cream, with chocolate and strawberry syrup drizzled over them, was cooling and comforting at the same time.

I think Mr. Kaushik Saha, who opened this place with the aim to bring budget-friendly continental food, perfect for students surviving on pocket-money, has done a brilliant job with it. And a special mention to the Chef De Partie, Apu Biswas for making the dinner a delight for the tastebuds too!


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  1. Nicely explained and desserts here has taken away all my attention 🙂

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  2. Mam its an amazing blog..its a Blockbuster..3 cheers.. : )

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    1. Thank you so much for taking out time and reading it!

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