Crossroad Cafe -Where happiness isn’t Pricey:

I was intrigued by the pictures of their food on Instagram, and had it pretty high up on my wishlist for some time. The nice little cafe, has a bright, happy feel to it and the genial servers welcomed me with a beaming smile as I entered. I went there with friends old and new for a good evening bite, but its food made sure that our plan got extended for dinner too.

Well, I started my evening with salads, the classic Caesar Salad and a Roast Lemon Chicken  one. The former was a good version of the traditional caesar, well seasoned and amply dressed but the latter appealed a lot more to me, with its bright colours, freshness of lemons and sweetness of the apricots.

These were followed by the Harissa Chicken Skewers, which were absolutely brilliant, and were served with a simple salad. The Cajun Spiced Chicken Wings looked delectable, with its dark glazed skin sprinkled with crispy sesame and tasted equally good. I also tried the Grilled Cottage Cheese Bruschetta from my vegetarian friends, and though I am not a bog fan of paneer, this I absolutely loved. The cheese  was soft, and the beautiful grill marks on them is sure to entice one.

However, the stand-out for me was their Fish burger. It was a hearty little burger with a well-cooked patty with a mustard sauce, cheese, a sunny side up and crispy onion rings. The fish was not lost in the bread and accompaniments, and remained the focus, in spite of the paraphernalia.

The small kitchen space didn’t stop Executive Chef Mr. Subroto Chakraborty from dishing out the dishes one after another, at a commendable pace. Also, it was great to know that most of the pickles and dips too are made by the team and are not store-bought.
I also had some nachos, but found it to have turned a little soggy, hence didn’t quite go for a second bite. Also had a slice of the Pizza Chipotle Chicken, which was topped with chicken, bell peppers, roasted corn and fresh cilantro.


Of the mains, I liked the Pan Fried Gnocchi. Not many places in the city serve this handmade, potato-based pasta, and I was surprised to find it tucked in a cafe menu and that too at such a reasonable price. It came with a warm sauce of spinach, peppers and cheese and made me happy. The other main which I particularly liked was the Chicken Bitten Steak. It was served on a bed on creamy risotto and was topped with sweet potato straws which added the crunch factor.

I also had their Fruit sangria to wash down all this, and it was brilliant. A mocktail with a good mix of cranberry, apple and lemon juices along with the sangria syrup had fresh kiwi, orange and apple slices in it. Served in a pretty little mason jar, this looked and tasted really refreshing, without being too sugary.

For Desserts, I didn’t want anything very sweet. So I settled for the Yogurt Smoothie, which came with a crunchy top layer, and was a perfect way to end the day, on a sweet note.

P.S. They also serve good stuffed omelettes, complete with a salsa, toast and butter.

A big thank you to the Kajaria Brothers for hosting us ever so graciously, and I wish them good luck for their expansion plans.

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