Where Comfort meets Luxury: Fabelle Chocolates:

‘C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E’ : These nine letters in that order are enough to bring a smile on faces of most people. It has long ceased being just the sweet treat for kids – reward for the well-behaved ones and bait for the bawling ones.

Now with the food scene changing greatly in the country, chocolate bars have come out of their shiny wrappers, and have taken the shape of truffles, shakes, ganache, and even pizza toppings!

We all have already seen a lot of handmade chocolates in the last decade, but now the stage is all set to usher in the newest food dream – Luxury Chocolates.

And Fabelle – the ultimate luxury chocolate brand from ITC is aimed at bringing just that. Chocolates are warm and comforting, and that can never change. But it becomes even better when doused in generous amounts of luscious luxury! On a Sunday evening, when I was invited to the Chocolate Boutique at ITC Sonar, I thought oh, okay so I will be eating a lot of chocolates. But what I actually experienced was much more than just that.

As we glided through Boxed Chocolates, Chocolate Desserts, and Cocoa Beverages, the latter two created live at the Fabelle Chocolate Boutique by Master Chocolatiers, we were transported to a  different world altogether.

My favourite of the day was the ‘As You Like It’ Box. I was thrilled to try my hand at filling the chocolate cups myself, with my choice of toppings and fillings, and felt like a real chocolatier myself.

Another favourite was the Venezuela Eclairs, which was one of the most exquisite desserts to have ever entered my mouth. It was creamy, crumbly and velvety, all at once and the various layers and components gave it an immensely complex yet delicate taste.


Fabelle is not just a chocolate brand, it is an experience. So go ahead, and get your fill!



Fabelle Chocolate Boutique - ITC Sonar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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