The Park Street Newbies, all set to Steal the Show!

A few days back I posted on the Classic Park Street Pit-stops, (Classic Pit-Stops at Park Street:) eateries which have defined the original Food Street of Calcutta for ages now. So, to not post about the new entrants of Park Street would almost be a sin now. The new players are not just doing well, but are also giving the food scene of the city, the boost that it needed.

1. M Bar Kitchen: One of the relatively new entrants in the Park Street food scene is the M Bar Kitchen. Notably, it is one of those places in the city which boast of serving food with Molecular Gastronomy tricks for the visual delight. Located well inside the Magma House, this place can be pretty tricky to locate, in spite of the signboard to guide one. The bar was very well-stocked indeed, and the cocktails were really well made. I love their Watermelon and Cheese Sliders, and also the Chicken Olivetti.


2. Bodega Cantina Y Bar: Bodega Cantina Y Bar, the all-day dining resto-bar in Park Street, has been done up snazzily indeed, with quirk and kitsch in ample doses. The menu has been designed to highlight Spanish, Mexican and also Asian food.  They put a lot of emphasis on plating their food, and follow the chic and minimalistic style in that. They also take pride in their flamboyant desserts, and Bodega Bomba and the Sunday Movie Night are their sweet recommendations. The bar too has an exquisite mix of imported and domestic liquor, and their cocktails, complete with modern theatrics, are to watch out for.

3. Hakuna Matata: Don’t worry, be happy! And eat some amazingly good food while you are at it. That, in a nutshell, is the feeling one would get at Hakuna Matata. The bright yellows all around is an instant mood-lifter, and it is evident that a lot of thought has gone into the decor of the entire place. Of their mocktails, I will recommend their Matata Cooler, the perfect blend of tender coconut water, watermelon and mint. But with their cocktails starting at just 160 bucks, it would be foolish not to have a few rounds around. One thing which really pleased me about this place was the happy and genial serving staff. Oh, and did I mention that HM is a vegetarian place, and a good many options on their menu can be made to suit the Jain mandates. For mains, my vote clearly goes to the Desi Saag Risotto while for desserts, they have their delighful, signature cheesecakes. I had their Nolen Gur Cheesecake which was the picture perfect marriage of our very own nolen gur (date palm jaggery) and the firang cheesecake.


4. Bistro By the Park:  The decor here, is modern and comforting, but I found the lighting to be too dim. They don’t have a physical menu and have it on a tab, which I guess is the new trend. The prices are very moderate, and the menu offers a wide range of choices to the customers. I would certainly recommend their Laksa. 

5. Au Bon Pain: Though not very new anymore, technically, this would always be the ‘new cafe which replaced the Music World’. I love the way the place looks, starting from the table layout, the wall murals, the menu and of course, their super comfortable chairs. One could head straight upstairs and have the perfect adda with friends over tea and muffins, or could grab a window seat and watch the world pass by, while biting into their bagel sandwiches, here.


P.S. That’s not all. Park Street is all geared up to welcome Mamagoto, the immensely popular Asian chain and Spiceklub, with its Molecular Gastronomy swag, very soon.


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