My Journey through the Continent @Asia Kitchen by Mainland China

I am a sucker for Asian Food (well, food in general, but Asian food in particular). So when  I saw the advertisements around the city of a new Asian place opening up at Kasba, from the house of Mainland China, I immediately made a mental note to pay a visit, rather sooner than later. It is interesting to see that the newly opened restaurant has managed to become pretty popular in a short time, and in spite of having quite a sizeable seating capacity, is bustling with people most of the time.

As I entered the place with a friend for a late lunch on a Sunday, we were seated at a cosy table right beside their open kitchen. It was a joy to be able to see the organized chaos inside the kitchen. I was expecting the menu to be a little more elaborate and segmented according to the country the dishes originate from, but it will be wrong to say that their menu wasn’t interesting.We ordered the non-vegetarian Dimsum Platter, Cheese Noodles and Prawns in Chilli Basil Sauce. The dimsums were good, with really finely minced, meat in suitably thin coverings. But the flavours as described in the menu, could have been a little more pronounced. I am not a fan of noodles, and found the cheese noodles to be just passable. It could just have been noodles, as the cheese was just present in places, making the noodles rather gluggy rather than making it better. But the prawns were amazing. They were very generous with the number of prawns, and the sauce too had ample chilli and basil too.

There were quite a few dessert options and I ordered a lemongrass mousse and the fried noodles with orange and honey. But unfortunately, both failed to impress me. The texture of the mousse was good, but it came on a thin green spongecake which somehow marred the smoothness of the mousse. The jelly on top had a clear lemongrass flavour, but the lemongrass in the mousse itself was too subtle to be appreciated. The clumsy swirl of chocolate sauce didn’t taste too good, and didn’t do anything much to uplift the rest of the elements on the plate. The darsan was not bad and was amply orange-y, but on the whole, it was too sweet, and lacked any tartness. Also, the warm, crunchy, sticky noodles were crying for a scoop of cold, soft ice-cream. So the desserts didn’t really make the cut for me.

But on the whole, the meal was a good one. The staff was extremely polite, knowledgeable and efficient. Will hopefully visit again, soon.

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