The coolest new Burger hot-spot in town at My Big Fat Belly

My love for burgers, sliders, sandwiches and wraps is a saga worth celebrating. Fillings and dressings, with a touch of seasoning, between two pieces of bread are what my dreams are made up of. So the  ‘My Big Fat Belly’, the newly opened place in Sarat Bose Road, is totally my kind of a place!


I loved their decor, the Apple-Cinnamon flavoured water, their Spinach-Cheese Bruschetta and their in-house dips (the strawberry-chilli dip is amazing!). When I went to My BFB, just a few days before they opened, to sample their menu, I whet my appetite with mocktails, salads, and pizzas, but made sure I had enough tummy space for the burgers on the menu.

The Russian Mafia Sandwich with juicy Chicken Chunks, Chicken Salami, Boiled Eggs, Garlic Aioli, Coleslaw and Cheddar Blend, is a killer of a sandwich. Big would be a severe understatement and at no point does it feel dry or boring.


Of their sliders, the Big Bong Burger with a filling of Pulled Lamb with Kasha Mangsho Reduction and the Babu Moshai having Aloo & Beetroot Chop with a good slathering of the Kasundi Mayo, are both worth trying. And being biased towards Kosha Mangsho, it goes without saying that the former impressed me to the T. However, my absolute favourite for the night was the Juicy Lucy – a beautiful, big, bold burger with a delectable chicken patty, cheese and egg, served with onion rings. One bite into this, and I only had happy thoughts in my mind!


The Marwari Masala, a drink with a good punch of lime and green chilli, with a gola over it, was the perfect end to my hearty meal at the My Big Fat Belly. Mr. Bhargava, the gracious host, showed us the kitchen, and it was unbelievably organized and clean, that too after serving a line of varied dishes for us to taste. The person mixing the mocktails and shakes, is ready with his recommendations, and those his flavoured water deserves special mention.


Thanks to Team Thinkquisitive for yet another greatly planned bloggers meet!

P.S. Don’t miss their Squidgy Brownies. Just don’t!

My Big Fat Belly Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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