The Baap of Barbeques: Barbeque Nation, Park Street:

Unlimited skewered kebabs, on a live grill in the middle of the table, is a scene straight out of my food dreams. And thankfully, unlike most other dreams, this one is pretty easy to fulfill. Because, with Barbeque Nation opening at Park Street, I don’t need to travel all the way to Salt Lake to get my fill.

Barbeque Nation serves an all you can eat buffet, at both their outlets. And if you have not visited the place ever, you are doing sheer injustice to your tummy and taste buds.


The concept of interactive food, with patrons basting the kebabs with oils, and sauces of their choice makes the experience all the more fun with me. And of course, the excellent and efficient service of the servers here, is another added plus. The Chef was gracious enough to come out of the kitchen and speak to us about the food, at our table.


As I hop from the prawn kebabs, to the paneer and the chicken, with bits of mutton and zucchini in between, the mocktails come to my rescue and help me wash it all down. There’s no foodie in the city who has not been to Barbeque Nation even once, I am sure. And even after over a thousand reviews, the Park Street outlet retains its rating at 4.8 out of a possible 5 on Zomato, which is amazing, to say the least.

Every time I go to Barbeque Nation, I try not to over-stuff myself with kebabs, and to keep enough appetite to fully appreciate the main course. But alas, the temptation of those glistening kebabs, right in front of my eyes, on the hot grill in the table itself, is something I fail to resist each time.


The long line of main course had soups, breads, rice dishes, curries in red, yellow, orange and green, an array of delectable salads, and what not! Of them, my favourite was the plain rice with fish kalia, and the biriyani with raita.

Finally, as I moved on to the desserts, I had a touch time choosing between the fudgy chocolate brownies and the hot, soft, gulab jamuns.

Finally I had quite a few of both. The Kulfi Counter is handled by an energetic, chirpy young lady and her geniality and efficiency are indeed noteworthy. I had the Paan Kulfi, with sprinkles and syrups and it was the perfect sweet ending to an outstanding meal.




Barbeque Nation Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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  1. Deep says:

    Kebabs & other starters are fantastic… Also the desserts… Same I couldn’t say about the main course though, which is average to say the least. 😦


  2. Short and crisp review! It would have been nice to know your favourite(s) in kebabs. I like BBQ Nation too! And I like the kebabs and the kulfis much more than the main course, where most of the items don’t excite me. Pan kulfi is a favourite!

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    1. Pan kulfi is surely a delight!


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