The Big, Red Box of Happiness:)

Like any other mundane Friday, last Friday I was sitting at my desk in office, trying my best to go through the more urgent ones of the files from the dusty heap on the table in front of me. 
It was just then that I was told that somebody has come to meet me, right at my office door. As I walked outside, curious, I saw the ever-cheerful Sukanta, from team Lalit Great Eastern, Kolkata. He handed over to me a big, red box stuffed with Christmas goodies from The Bakery, housed in the Lalit Great Eastern. 

As the box sat pretty at my desk, my heart filled with some early holiday cheer. 

The cookies, muffins, masala bread and of course the rich, sticky Xmas cake, made for an assortment I loved. It’s lovely indeed when friends like the SocialBong play the Santa😘. 


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