Go Talli, not Broke:

Hangovers very often, are accompanied by the ‘Empty-Wallet Syndrome’. With taxes on alcohol reaching an obscene level, a drinking session outside is really getting taxing for young adults. And while I have no remedy for the hangovers, the EWS is now easily curable with the Talli menu at the Bodega Cantina Y-Bar at Park Street, Kolkata.

Bodega is one of my favourite places in town, with its quirky decor and pretty platings. I went to try out their new Talli Menu with a friend, and the experience was not just fun, but intoxicating too, literally.

The concise yet attractive menu consists of 5 cocktails and 2 snack boxes. The drinks, whose potency I can vouch for, are all priced between INR 150/- to INR 300/-; and that’s the price inclusive of taxes (yes, you read that right!).

My favourites were the ‘Sheila ki Jawani’ with its classic cinnamon-orange combination and the ‘Moves like Jager’ with Jagermeister, orange, mint and palm sugar.

For those who like their cocktails with a tang, the ‘Beer Batli’ with whiskey, beer, lemonade and lime, is a perfect treat.

The Chakna boxes, in both its vegetarian and non-vegetarian avatars, were the perfect accompaniments to the drinks. Each box packs different kinds of spicy, irresistible snacks, ranging from masala chips to chicken pops, with two very interesting dips.


– if you go into a bar for a drink and come out only after downing around half a dozen, this should be your go to place.

– if your friends won’t let you off without getting a daru-treat on your birthday, this should be your go to place.

– if you just want to enjoy sipping a good cocktail and nibble into some hot and spicy munchies on any day of the week, alone or with friends, without burning a hole in your pocket, this definitely should be your go to place.

Happy drinking folks!

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