To Love or Not to Love ‘The Love Room’, the first Pet-Friendly Café in Town

Well honestly, I am not a pet enthusiast by any stretch of imagination. So when my friends were super-excited about visiting Love Room, the first pet-friendly cafe in Kolkata, I was rather skeptical about how the set up would be, if the in-house pets will be all over me or not, etc. On my visit to the Love Room, I was really impressed by the way the two components of the cafe, food and pets, are being handled beautifully and efficiently.

The in-house dogs, 7 in number, are extremely well-trained. They stay in the cafe by turns and at any point, around 3-4 are present at the cafe. The eating section has been fenced away from their play-area, and willing visitors can enter the play area, but only after taking off their shoes and disinfecting their hands. I somehow couldn’t muster the courage to go onto the ‘other side’ but two of my friends didn’t waste two seconds before entering the arena and cuddling the curries. In addition to the dogs, there are a few kittens too, with a separate corner to themselves.

At Loveroom, not only can you see, hold and cuddle the pets there, but can bring in your own pet too. The visitors can now have a meal with their pawed babies here, and there’s a separate menu for the pets too where one can choose from. The only conditions are that the visitor’s pets have to be on leash and properly vaccinated.

Now coming to the food, Loveroom has come up with a new, revamped menu, of which I tried out quite a few things. They have a Melon and Watermelon Salad, with pomegranate, mint, arugula leaves and a drizzle of balsamic dressing. It looked like a party on a plate, with the bright, summery colours. It tasted fresh and hearty, and is a must try for those who love salads.

The Chicken Wings were good too, but I am not too much of a wing fan so I skipped that and moved onto the other things. My favourites, apart from the Melon and Watermelon Salad were the Harissa Grilled Fish, and of course the crispy Chicken Ala Kiev with an ultra buttery core, over a bed of smooth mash and peas. Aaah!

The Love Room Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

The meal ended with warm Waffles with chocolate, whipped cream and fresh strawberries. And with that, there was no way I could not love the Love Room 😍.


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