7 New Age Asian Dining Places to Rush to in Kolkata:

Growing up in a house where eating out was a bi-weekly ritual, the most pertinent question presented to me and my sister by my parents would be “Moghlai, Chinese na Continental?” Based on the answer the choice would be made amongst Kwality (Moghlai), Barbeque (Chinese) or Peter Cat (Continental), all standing tall in their full glory, in Park Street. Somehow it was an unsaid rule that none of us would order a Keema Naan in Peter Cat ditching the sizzlers or a Chilli Chicken in Kwality. Rather we would obediently order from the cuisine each specialized in. Chinese food hovered around hakka noodles with oodles of carrots and chilli chicken with excessive soy sauce. Deviations would be garlic fish, chicken munchurian and gravy chowmein.

Calcutta has always been spoilt by it’s China Town in Tyangra. A visit to China Town would straightaway transport the younger me to a different world, which I firmly believed to be a pocket of our neighbouring country to the North-East, in every sense. It was not just surprising but rather shocking to later realize that the city’s China Town is as much Calcuttan as it is Chinese.

Then came the era of Mainland China, which took us all by storm with it’s all you can eat buffets of oh-so-authentic Chinese food. And that was just the beginning of the entry of a flurry of Chinese/ Oriental/ Asian restaurants in the city’s food scene. I will not really place them in the Asian category, as that is too broad a term. And most of these eateries only serve a mix of Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and Korean food and leave out the other parts of the continent. So it would, I believe, be fair to call them the East Asian eateries.

So here’s my list of favourites of Asian restaurants in Kolkata.

1. Soi:

Located beside the Indian Museum in Chowringhee Road, SOI is one of the new entrants in the city. The decor is splendid, with two well stocked bars, one inside a truck and another in a plush wooden setting. Their Moon Fan Rice is amazing and they have some mean deals in their happy hours.

SOI Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Cost for Two: 1200 INR approx

2. Vintage Asia:

One of the in-house restaurants of the JW Marriott, Vintage Asia is sure to give you a wonderful dining experience. The service here is heart-warming, and the cutlery needs a special mention too. But the two things which stole my heart were the Pork Belly with crispy garlic and pineapple bits, and the Mango Creme Bruleè.

Cost for Two: 2500 INR approx

3. The Fatty Bao:

The newest entrant to the list is Fatty Bao in Camac Street. The brand which has already made a place for itself in other cities, opens in Kolkata. I am in love with their Char Sui Bao, PBnJ (Pork Belly and Jam) and of course, their Ramen Bowls. Also their desserts looks like a painting on a plate!

4. Asia Kitchen:

It is a joy to be able to see the organized chaos inside the open kitchen at Asia Kitchen, Acropolis. The non-vegetarian Dimsum Platter, with an assortment of finely minced meat in suitably thin coverings is a must try. The Prawn in Chilli Basil sauce is another great choice, with a punch of flavours.


Read my full post on Asia Kitchen at: https://wordpress.com/post/bitechompgulp.com/2110

Cost for Two: 1400 INR approx

5. Mamagoto:

The menu here is Asian, and focuses mainly on the regional cuisines of China, Thailand and Japan and includes a few popular choices from Indonesia, Burma and Malaysia as well. All the sections of the menu, be it the Small Bites, the Signature Large Bowls, the Robata Grill (a Japanese form of coal fired barbeque cooking) or the Wok and Curries, with their enticing options will ensure that one has a tough time deciding what to order. Also their decor will definitely give you a happy vibe🐼.


Read my post on Mamagoto at: https://wordpress.com/post/bitechompgulp.com/3225

Cost for Two: 1500 INR approx

6. Momo I Am:

Amazing Momos, super quick service and easy on the pocket, that’s Momo I am for me. Located at Lake Gardens, Golpark and Rajarhat, it is almost always packed with loyal patrons. My pick is their Pork T Momo Combo. Also, their sticker covered doors and graffiti strewn walls are a delight!


Cost for Two: 500 INR approx

7. Chowman:

Chowman has almost become omnipresent in the city, with a total of 8 outlets. Their Thai Fried Rice is something I regularly order in with some protein in their Schezwan Orange gravy. The combo is something I will personally recommend. My other favourites include the Seafood Meifoon and the Butter Garlic Fish. A word of caution: Their Devil’s Lamb is not for the faint hearted. 😅😅😅


Cost for Two: 800 INR ap


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