Centennial Celebration of MPOC 

The Malaysian Palm Oil Council recently celebrated it’s 100 years in Kolkata in a grand party at our very own Park Street. On an invitation to the celebrations, I had a gala time with friends old and new on 19th March. 

The thing about Palm Oil is that one can love it or hate it but can certainly not ignore it. Though it’s production process has its own controversies, it’s uses are varied to say the least. Not only is it used in a range of packaged food and cosmetic products, but is used as a cooking medium too. Being devoid of any strong smell or colour, Palm oil is a neutral cooking medium preferred by many. The effervescent Bhavna representing MPOC pointed out various facts, uses and trivia about Palm Oil in general and it was pretty interesting to know them.

However, MPOC was not really promoting any particular product containing Palm Oil, nor were we given any sample products. I personally do not know of any commonly available brand of oil selling Palm oil, here in Kolkata. So my knowledge and views about Palm oil remained confined to what was discussed at the event, rather than based on any personal experience.

The event was energetic, fun-filled and uniquely engaging. From Food Quiz and Salad-Making Competition​, to Dart, the activities lined up for the day were many. The winners of the team games got enviable goodie bags too! And the best part was that almost the entire food blogging fraternity of the city was there. So the adda and the catching up with the old fellas added to the fun and frolic of the Sunday. Finally the event was wrapped up with a buffet lunch at Barbeque Nation. 

Special mention must be made of Priyanka Patel of Six Sigma who did a brilliant job coordinating the entire event.

Disclaimer: BiteChompGulp was invited to the event and has been paid for the coverage.


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