Whiskey Wednesdays at the Irish House 

Irish House, Kolkata is one of the coolest places in town to grab a drink and munch on some seriously good food. And their coolness quotient has now been amped up further as their Whiskey Wednesdays give the city peeps a mid-week breather. 

I went there a few days back, on an invitation to their Wednesday Whiskey Tasting of Diageo’s Black and White Brand Whiskey which included serving of various premium brands of drinks,  single malts, scotches and blended scotch whiskeys. 

The host for the night was Mr.Shantanu, who captured the attention of everyone in the room in his  effortless way. There were Contests and Quizzes, with free drinks as prizes! Now who in their sane mind would not participate in that! And the fun didn’t end there. There was a lottery where the lucky (read super lucky) winners were given three Black & White Whiskey bottles!!!


Now that’s reason enough to let your hair down and relax, not just on weekends but in Wednesdays too. As a pre-weekend practice session, if not anything else😋


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