The Day I Munched on a Healthy Brunch at The Protein BistrošŸ¤ 

Gone are the days when healthy eating translated to a ban on eating out, as the city is witnessing a spurt of growth of Health Cafes and Restaurants. And The Protein Bistro is definitely one of the trendsetters in the field. Tucked beside the Vivekananda Park, this bright, little, orangey place is the dream place for healthy eaters who aren’t ready to let go of the pleasure of eating out.

On a random lazy Sunday, I visited The Protein Bistro with a friend, on an invitation. The ample sunlight and bright splash of colours, the interesting collection of books at each table and the notably comfortable seating, set the mood right for a good meal.

Mention must be made of their extremely well-designed menu, which specifically mentions the contents of each in the minutest of details including the amount of salt used. It also mentions the calorie count and also the fat, carbs, fibre content in grams. So even for those who keep a tight leash on what they eat, choosing an option from the menu at TPB is as easy as it gets.


The meal started with a cup of my favorite brew, Earl Grey and their Chicken Hawaiian Salad. The salad was brilliant, with perfectly grilled chunks of chicken, pineapple dices and a host of other veggies with a light dressing. This was followed by a Rice Bowl, served with an egg on top and a brown garlic bread on the side. Though the rice for me was a tad bit undercooked, the crunchy bits of chopped vegetables in each mouthful made for a non-monotonous texture. The Pork Loin Sandwich which followed was a simple, hearty one with overflowing fillings, enough to satiate any hungry tummy. And finally the meal ended with Exotic Fruit and Nut with Protein Splash. For all those who believe healthy-desserts is an oxymoron, they need to drop everything and rush to The Protein Bistro to change their opinion. This pretty jar of sweet goodness is filled with almonds, raisins, dates and a range of fruits comes adorned with a crown of spun sugar and is the perfect guilt-free yet sweet ending to a happy healthy mealšŸ™‚.

P.S. The Chef, Mr. Banik was the perfect host and made sure we had a great Sunday.

The Protein Bistro Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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