Taste of Sri Lanka at Southern Avenue

In our quests for foreign good, we often overlook the delicacies of our neighbouring countries. And though the similarity between the food of Bengal and Bangladesh, North East and Nepal, South India and Sri Lanka is undeniable, it is also true that the little variations in the technique and produce lead to very new tastes and textures in most dishes.

Sri Lankan food is something which has not been much experimented with in Kolkata before. But thankfully, the Coastal Macha is holding a Sri Lankan Food Festival till the 20th of September.

I had gone to try out their festival menu, on an invitation past week. And boy oh boy, was I impressed? Sure as hell, I was! The Prawn Jafna Curry and the Egg Appam make a great couple, and have all my love😘. The coconut stuffed parantha of sorts, whose ne I cannot remember was another favourite.

The menu has enough options for everyone and is moderately priced. For souls seeking a relatable yet new dining options, this will surely be a great bet😎.


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