Sipping on Serenity atop Fuji

I devote my evenings to myself, whenever I can. Not for work, or for family or for any other care in this world, but just for myself. It is my window of solitude when I take a quick nap in the traffic jam while coming back from office, when I laugh out loud at baby videos on YouTube much to the surprise of my co-passengers in the cab or when I sit at peace with my cup of tea and let the worries of life melt away.

And thus the Tea Time menu at Fuji, the popular Japanese restaurant at Sara Bose Road, in association with Karma Kettle is absolutely tailor made for me. Available from 4pm to 7pm everyday, the menu offers perfect combinations of refreshing tea blends and small bites of Japanese delights.

This is perfect for evening Hangouts with friends over cups of tea. And Cha after all, is incomplete without a side plate of Ta. Ta, for the uninitiated, is the food we when we want to just nibble on some food but not stuff ourselves. Oh, wait, is it called ‘snacks’ too? Well, perhaps! ☺️

For the menu, refer to the picture below.


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