Bye Bye Shrewsbury 🙁

The ever-bustling bakery, known for it’s Shrewsbury Biscuits, Choco-Walnut Cake and Wine Biscuits among other things, was started in 1955 by the Irani family. No trip of mine to Pune feels complete without a visit to the legendary Kayani Bakery. And whenever I hear of someone coming to my city from Pune, I drop the hint of my undying love towards the chunky, buttery Shrewsbury not-so-subtly.

Few days back the news of the immensely popular Kayani Bakery, Pune being shut down, came up. The age-old bakery, along with two other eateries in the same area, were asked to stop operations as per the Order of the Pune Cantonment Board, for operating without a valid trade license since 2006. Apparently, the Bunglow Area of Pune Cantonment, where Kayani is located, have been given on rent on long term lease by the Central Government, and do not allow commercial use of the premises.

Well, some goodbyes are just hard and this one is especially so. I will miss the warm hugs of its baked joys a real lot😥. And if I could say a final goodbye to the sinfully butter-laden Shrewsbury biscuits of Kayani Bakery, I would tell them, “You will be remembered.”


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