Darjeeling Diaries:

It is an undisputed fact that Darjeeling has always been every Bengali’s favorite hill station. And thanks to Bollywood for showing the town in it’s full glory, in movies like Parineeta and Barfi, Darjeeling now has people coming from far and wide.

So what defines Darjeeling for me?

– The cosy, wooden houses by the cliff with neat flower beds in front,

– the misty Ghum Station (passing by which the cabbie will surely give you trivia about how it is the second highest rail station in the world),

– the lazy toy-train ride

– the eclectic energy at the mall

– the cool jackets and ear-muffs, up for grabs at astonishingly cheap prices

– and of course, its splendid array of cafes and eateries.

So here’s a post about my absolutely favourite places to gobble or sip at, in the Queen of Hills, our very own Darjeeling 😍.


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