What’s cooking in the Kitchen@ JW Marriott?

JW Marriot had stirred up a lot of curiosity for a lot many months in the city, before it opened its doors for guests. And finally when it did open for guests, such was the rush that it was nearly impossible to get a booking at the JW Kitchen. So on 28th December, I was…

The Dugga Pujo Isspecials around Town

While a sizeable portion of the country eat their vegetarian, no-onion, no-garlic food through Navaratri or fast throughout the day and eat nothing at all, taking their piety a notch higher, we Bengalis gorge on copious amounts of meaty meals, with spots of vegetarian things thrown in between as accompaniments. Durga Pujo is yet another excuse for a week-long, lavish ‘Pet-Pujo’. The queues outside most restaurants even in the middle of the night, is unbelievable. Be it special buffets, set meals or a jazzed up ala carte menu, happiness is served to those who seek it:D.

Bangladeshi Festival at 6 Ballygunge Place: Paatpere Padma Parey

6 Ballygunge Place will be celebrating the bond of food and love between Epar Bangla and Opaar Bangla, in its Bangladeshi Food Festival, from 8th April to 23rd April (except on 14th April), and I was invited to the unveiling event of the same on March 31st, as a part of the Kolkata Food Bloggers….