Mango Prawn Glass Noodle Salad

Last week I rustled up a glass noodle salad with ripe mangoes and prawns, and this was a real flavour bomb, with sweet, salty, sour and heat all fighting for its space with equal gusto ♥️ For me, this was the perfect light and bright summer bowl.

Sweet Summer Dreams made true at Flurys

The passionate and tumultuous love affair of the Alphonso and the Aam-admi is a story fit for the history books. Add a spoonful of sugar to it, and it finds its place in the Greatest Love Stories of all times. And this saga of love is being served on a plate at the good, old…

Lombardy Festival at La Cucina, Hyatt Regency, Kolkata

Every visit of mine to La Cucina has been very special in its own ways, and this last one a few days back was no different. The occasion of this particular mid-week lunch visit was to have a taste of the some simple yet beautiful cooking by Chef Ferrari from the Lombardy region of Italy….

Keep your cool with Typhoo Cold-Infusions this Summer:

​The sultry summer days are here again and as we all know, they are here to stay for quite a while. So rather than getting heated up about the heat, this time I choose to stay cool. In the tropical summers, dehydration is something which needs to be prevented actively and no ‘Summer Survival Strategy’…

The Mango Festival @ Advieh, Hotel Celesta:

What: Mango Festival Where: Advieh – the Multicuisine Restaurant, at Celesta, the boutique Hotel When: 15th June – 15th July Indians are a passionate lot of people. Our madness is fuelled by various things to which we are inherently entwined with, like cricket, lavish weddings, or the king of fruits – the glorious mangoes. No…